Kophinos Creations

"Kophinos" is the Greek word for "wicker basket," and originates from the multiplication of bread in Luke 9 and symbolizes abundance for us.


To see the next generation to be free of sexual abuse.


To be a company which upholds the individual’s and especially the child’s right of choice regarding their own sexuality. To write, create and progressively develop practical tools for parents, grandparents, care givers and teachers to use in conjunction with children to prevent sexual abuse.

To equip children and early teenagers with the tools that will enable them to recognise abuse and encourage them to seek a better future.



We need to keep having the spirit of a child a priority to be able to dedicate our lives to our vision.

Willem Bresser

image of willem

Willem takes responsibility for all the important things that grown –ups have to do in an office. He keeps the books in order and organises everything so that it is done on time. He has a vision that coincides with our main vision. If children can grow up free from sexual molestation they would also have a better chance to have a successful marriage, which in turn affects the whole world.

Olindia Bresser

image of olindia

Olindia is the author and trainer and is exactly responsible for that. Olindia’ life was irrevocably changed when she was molested by her grandfather as a pre-school child. She did not grow up to be the talented young girl that she should have been. Instead she grew up with distorted views about herself and her sexuality. She learned to manipulate to survive which led to a series of dramatic events. She is extremely thankful that she is alive despite a broken body and that she has a lovely family.

Nurine Olivier

image of nurine

Nurine is the grandmother artist. Her childhood dream was to become a cartoonist and she always pays attention to the details in every picture. She is not only a gift for Kophinos Creations, but also an outstanding South African artist.